Day Care Centre Opens

It was a great day recently for the Community when the Mark Adamsson Centre opened its doors. Seen at the opening were many happy people to mark this very special... read more

Master Builders KZN Awards

Once again, Greg Rawlins, owner of K2 Builders will be an entrant in The Excellence in Construction 2015 Awards. Greg was a previous Award Winner in his Category. read more

K2 Builders made it possible to build a solid new center for a group of disabled children in Gamalakhe within budget and a short time limit.

Greg, Ingrid and the teams that worked on the project showed their involvement and made things really happen. We, as ambassadors of LIFT 2 LIFE initiated by Solera Holdings Inc. are very proud that we had the opportunity to work closely with the owners and the staff of K2 Builders.

K2 Builders has great respect for their builders, lifts people up were possible and gives people a 2nd chance. Without the huge effort and support from K2 Builders we could not have managed to deliver a great new center for a group of forgotten children in South Africa.

In the process, we now have some great new friends too.

Jan van der Waart

Solera – Lift 2 Life

This is to confirm that K2 Builders started and completed ON TIME and ON BUDGET two residential units for me in 2014. Their level of service and professionalism is excellent and there was never any quibble or fuss. I am very happy with the quality of the job and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for an honest, reasonable, good quality builder!

Jon Mackenzie

It was a pleasure to have building done by K2 Builders recently.

They worked efficiently and cheerfully (even through the harsh winter chill!), and have effectively turned a ramshackle little farm cottage into an inviting, comfortable and very practical home.

I was very happy with the good supervision and workmanship, and would recommend K2 Builders for their expertise, and as a great building team.

Adele Hogg

Greg Rawlins built a sand stone house for me on my farm “Westland’s”, Harding during 2011.

This was the first time that he had been given the challenge to build a residential house out of sandstone and on a steep embankment.

His work was of exceptional standard and he satisfied me on all accounts.

I found him to be professional and pleasant to deal with.

He always thought through any problems carefully before rushing into anything that he was unsure about.

The house was built to very good standards and he received a building award for this exceptionally well built house in trying conditions.

I have no hesitation in recommending him for any building work

Brian Armour

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